Beard Butter

In the field of beard care, there are all sorts of things you can find. You may think that these items are just your luxury products. Wait til your beard’s as hard as steel and you will find out that these products are worth a few bucks. You may already know beard oils and combs. Those are the basic things that your beard must have. However, did you know that a beard butter exists? And no, it’s not the same thing as beard wax. Let’s see how this said “beard butter” works shall we? What is a Beard Butter?

Beard Oil Guide - Beard Butter

First off, as the name suggests, its consistency resembles a butter. This alone is a huge factor that separates it from any other products. Basically, it helps you sculpt your beard and keep it free from damages.

Beard Butter Benefits and Uses

At this point, you may be itching to know the difference of this butter from beard wax. To simply put it, you know how beard wax sometimes clump and flake on your beard? Well, that’s exactly what this butter doesn’t do. The beard butter is smoother and softer but not to the point it will soak your beard. It has the right consistency that is perfect for your everyday comfortable use.

Ideal Use of Beard Butter

Beard butter usually comes in a tin canister so it remains compact. Sculpting and moisturizing are important for the beard. Our facial hair is completely different than the hair on our heads. Beards are naturally coarse and this makes it harder to manage. Such products like beard butter are important to keep it manageable.

The first thing that you would wanna do is to wash or free up your beard from dirt. To keep it naturally soft and moisturized, massage over some beard oil before you hit the sack. Use the beard butter in the morning to shape your beard and hold its texture without any difficulty.