5 Beard Care Goodies Every Bearded Man Needs To Have

Facial hair doesn’t magically transform into a majestic beard overnight. There are a lot of effort and even money that goes into keeping that facial hair from going haywire. Beard care is not complete without the right products and the right methods that will keep those strands from going astray.

Look sleek and well-groomed with a beard kit, complete with accessories that take facial hair care to the next level. Here are the 6 beard care products you’ll never want to lose. Prime that facial hair for a suave and handsome beard that leaves people in awe.

Beard Oil Guide - 5 Beard Care Goodies Every Bearded Man Needs To Have

#1 Beard Oil

If you’re a man and have been nurturing a beard, not knowing and using a beard oil is almost a sin. If there’s anything you should put on the top of your must-have list, it’s a good oil that will nourish and protect your facial hair from getting coarse and wiry.

There are a lot of benefits you can reap from committing to the use of a beard oil. Not only will it condition hair but an effective oil also moisturizes the skin that sits beneath the beard. Did you know that one of the causes of itchiness and irritation is the lack of moisture on both your facial hair and the skin? Look for a quality beard oil that also has a scent that appeals to your senses. And you’ll find yourself wanting more of its handsome effects.

What makes a good beard oil?

  • Conditions the beard for soft and moisturized strands all throughout the day.
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for the facial hair and skin.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • With a manly, soothing scent that appeals to the senses.

Beard Oil Guide - 5 Beard Care Goodies Every Bearded Man Needs To Have

#2 Beard Comb

Few men know the benefits of using a beard comb. If you think that running your fingers on your facial hair or just slapping on some oil or balm’s gonna do the trick, then let us set you straight. A beard comb’s not necessarily for keeping the beard smooth flowing. Although it’s one of the great benefits of using a comb, it’s not only for styling.

What are the benefits of having a beard comb?

  • Beard comb removes knots and tangles in your facial hair.
  • It’s even useful in removing the crumbs and flakes that are caught in the strands. These are dirt that might trigger irritation. Running a comb through your beard helps remove these crumbs.
  • Beard combs are also convenient since you can carry them anywhere and if you need a quick grooming for a photo, a rub down will make your beard look smooth and sleek.

Beard Oil Guide - 5 Beard Care Goodies Every Bearded Man Needs To Have

#3 Beard Washes or Shampoo

Hygiene dictates that the most important part of personal care is to stay clean. This is why your beard oil kit must always include a beard wash or a shampoo. Keeping your facial hair clean and free from dirt and flakes has its benefits.

Why do you need a beard wash or shampoo?

  • Your beard still comes into contact with the dirt and toxins in the air. Bacteria, and other types of grime stick to the strands. This does not only damage the facial hair but also causes the irritation of the skin.
  • The oil that sticks to your beard makes it feel sticky, filthy and hard to style. Washing your beard helps give it a smoother and silkier feel.
  • Believe it or not, shampoos help the beard get softer and easier to handle. Coarse, wiry, and grimy facial hairs often just lack a good wash and conditioning.

Beard Oil Guide - 5 Beard Care Goodies Every Bearded Man Needs To Have

#4 Beard Conditioner

What comes after shampooing or washing facial hair is proper conditioning. Most people think that coating your beard in oil is good enough for conditioning. But a beard oil and a beard conditioner are two different products with varying effects.

Why do you need a conditioner for your beard?

  • Washing the hair means you’re also stripping the natural moisture that keeps it soft and silky. A conditioner replenishes the moisture and the vitamins and minerals that your beard lacks.
  • It boosts the effects of a shampoo especially if these two products come as a set. The ingredients and the formula complement that of the shampoo and this creates a synergistic effect.
  • It keeps the beard soft and tame which helps avoid irritation caused by the coarse and rough strands.

Beard Oil Guide - 5 Beard Care Goodies Every Bearded Man Needs To Have

 #5 Beard Balms

Every beard kit features a balm. And it might confuse some people especially when there’s already a conditioner and beard oil to keep those strands tame and easy to manage. But there are things that only a beard balm can do. Like this oil and balm package from Plant Therapy, it shows the benefits of using both products for maintaining and styling.

Why is balm an important part of grooming?

  • If we use hairsprays and gel for styling head hair, then the balm’s the counterpart for the beard. Unlike gels and sprays, it does not contain chemicals and toxins that can even damage facial hair.
  • It is more effective than an oil when it comes to keeping the beard in shape for a certain style. Its strength lies in styling as it keeps your facial hair from going wild. Balms also give your beard a healthy shine.
  • Beard balm has a thicker and heavier form which makes it perfect for keeping the strands moisturized all throughout the day. It sits on your beard and even prevents drying of skin.