5 Irresistible Beard Styles that Are Trending in 2017

Society’s always associated beard with machismo, wisdom, dominance, and even power. There’s a lot of symbolism that surrounds beards. And though some women prefer the clean-shaven face, it’s no secret that a well-groomed beard rouses feelings of attraction and respect.

And with 2017 as one of the strongest years for beard fashion so far, we’ve listed 5 of the styles that women find irresistible, that even celebrities go for them. Find out what these beard styles are and see if you’re up for the challenge of growing it out.

Beard Oil Guide - 5 Irresistible Beard Styles that Are Trending in 2017

Uniform Beard

This beard works best for those who have round, oval and square face shapes. Even when unkempt, it still looks suave, due to the smooth look of having the same hair length for the mustache and beard. The length of a uniform beard is quite short, only extending to 2 inches past your chin.

It also adapts a trimmed rounded shape. It gives off a professional vibe which is why it is perfect for those who want to sport a neat and clean facial hair in their workplace. Using some beard oil actually helps keep the shape of a uniform beard.

Remember Jamie Dornan? Yes, the star of Fifty Shades of Grey actually adorned this style which is why it’s got a lot of attention among women.

Bandholz Beard

A lot of men fear letting their beard grow into longer lengths since facial hair tends to go astray and wild. But a rising beard style, Bandholz, shows just how great a long beard looks on men with oval, triangle, and even diamond face shapes. This beard style is actually made popular by Eric Bandholz. Once you’ve learned proper beard care and have a firm grasp of some grooming secrets, you might be able to grow it out and even rock this style. Longer than Garibaldi, it is a growing trend in beard fashion to let facial grow.

This beard style takes at least 6 months until it grows to the desired length. You must not shave or trim any of it during these six months. Once your facial hair’s grown into the length that you prefer, you can trim it to get a clean look. Go for light sideburns and partner your beard with a full mustache.

Pro Tip: According to experts, you need to know how to use beard oil correctly if you want to achieve this look. It requires a lot of effort and proper beard care in order to maintain the suave appeal of a Bandholz beard style.

Beard Oil Guide - 5 Irresistible Beard Styles that Are Trending in 2017

Bold and Thick Style

For a neater and well-groomed look, bold and thick beard style goes well for any face shape and even gives off quite the confident appeal. It just screams manly. This beard style does not let the facial hair grow wild and long. Regular trimming helps keep its neat shape while still having that full appearance. Using the best beard oil for growth of stronger strands is also advised since brittleness and split ends will ruin this style.

This particular look sports a neat appearance that ends in a rounded shape along the chin. The strands grow into at least an inch with sideburns smoothly transitioning into the beard. A neatly trimmed soul patch and a thin connecting mustache complete the look of the bold and thick style.

Chris Pine, a co-star in the box office hit, Wonder Woman, is seen rocking this beard style.

Short and Tapered Beard Style

Clean cuts are the next big thing. This style shows the charm of clean distinct lines and fading beard style. It gives off a younger and modern vibe. It’s perfect for those who have an oval or round face shapes since it gives them an edgy look.

This beard style has short strands which are then trimmed at the edges with neat defined lines and almost shaved sideburns that fade at the cheeks to transition gradually into a beard. This is what gives it a unique appearance. Tapered into a round end at the chin, complete the look with a connecting clean mustache and a soul patch. What makes it so desirable is that it has that elegant charm that also speaks of power and dominance.

Pro Tip: Shiny Leaf suggests incorporating your hair care routine with your beard care. Have your hair, cut and trimmed into a style that complements this beard look.

Beard Oil Guide - 5 Irresistible Beard Styles that Are Trending in 2017

Short Stubble or the Thin Beard

This beard style is quite popular in the Hollywood with the edgy appeal that it gives to the actors without fully obscuring any features of the face. It has that sharp messy stubble look that does not need that much of an effort to maintain.

Characterized by just having stubbles all over the face, it is not a full-grown beard that is thick and defiend. Sideburns are thin and fade into a beard.  Even the mustache must have that short trimmed strands appearance. It gives off a clean cut charm with a hunky vibe compared to those who are clean-shaven. A lot of celebrities and famous men have this look for 2017 as it is perfect for any face shape and quite easy to groom.