Beard Bible: Getting Intimate with Your Products

A man’s shelf displays dangerous weapons that make women weak in the knees. You wonder what these weapons are? It’s your beard kit! Any man who wears a suave facial hair needs some effective tools that tame those bad boys. Having wild facial hair is just a crime.

And who says that growing facial hair is dirty and messy? If you’ve got the right products, then these words will never cross your mind. But do you truly know your beard care products? Are reviews of beard oil formulas affecting your perception of how these items shall work? If so, then you haven’t truly mastered the art of grooming.

Get intimate with your beard kit and know just how they work for your needs!

Smoothing Out the Beard

Beard Oil for the Bad Boys

You’ll notice that the hair that grows on your hair and face have different characteristics. Facial hair strands are just coarse and rough. They also tend to get frizzy and hard to tame. Even when you’re using a lot of balms or mousse to keep them in place, they just get out of style every now and then. This is where your beard oil comes in.

Beard oil is perfect for moisturizing the strands. This is the most basic need of facial hair. It keeps it soft, improves its texture, and even helps with its strength. If you want silky soft strands to style, you should go for a beard oil. Plus, it smells good, so you also get to smell heavenly while you’re keeping the mess to a minimum. Try it with other tools and you’ll get great results. The beard care kit of Beard Legacy is a great example!

Homemade Beard Oil

Wash and Conditioner for Silky Strands

Of course, as every personal care bible dictates, cleanliness is a priority. You must always start with a clean slate and for bearded men, their facial hair is their canvas. Growing your beard is not the same as hair that using hair loss shampoo and conditioner answers your problem with hair growth. Remember not to use regular shampoos for your hair. It is just not compatible. You might even get negative results from applying it. Instead, look for beard wash, beard oil or soaps. If you want to grow your beard longer and stronger, use a hair growth shampoo. The best beard care products are the ones that contain various organic oils such as castor oil and argan oil. They will help stimulate the follicles to grow thicker and more resilient strands.

You ask what’s the use of conditioners if you already have a beard oil? It’s simple, conditioners are more for helping replenish the moisture on the strands for far longer than oils. It also has a special formula that keeps the strands and the cuticles strong and healthy. Use oil-infused products to make your beard softer and smoother. Argan oil is a common ingredient for beard products due to its hydrating properties.

Wooden Beard Comb

Comb for A Smooth-Flowing Beard

It’s common to use a comb for just any hair. Even men with short hair use this accessory. But what’s the use of buying the best beard comb when you can simply run your fingers on facial hair? Don’t get disillusioned, there are actually reasons why it’s important in your kit. For one, removing tangles and knots in facial hair is important. It helps a man keep it in style and more manageable.

It also removes flakes and dirt trapped in the beard. If you have long beard styles like the Bandholz, then you know the struggles of running your fingers and keeping it looking suave. It reaches the parts of the beard that your fingers can’t reach. Another is that it prevents the damages from spreading. That’s right. Letting knots and tangles stay in your beard is dangerous. They can make the strands brittle, weaker, and more prone to damages.

Of course, these are just the essentials of beard care. For more of these helpful tips, visit Beard Oil Guide!